The following programs are available through the HRDC Program:

A Day in the Life: Penn State's Response to Domestic Violence in the Workplace (PRO 214)

Centre County Women's Resource Staff
Faculty and Staff: None
Others: Not Available

This is a joint offering of the Verizon Foundation, the Centre County Women's Resource Center, Penn State Public Broadcasting, and the Penn State Office of Human Resources.

This three-hour training program utilizes the powerful true story of a local homicide victim to prepare faculty and staff at Penn State to effectively address the issue of domestic violence in the workplace. The program provides a thorough exploration of the dynamics of domestic violence and answers frequently asked questions such as, "Why doesn't she leave?" and "How could I know if a coworker was in a violent relationship?" After this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the dynamics of domestic violence and its effects on victims at work and at home
  • Appropriately support and respond to abused employees
  • Provide co-workers, friends, or family with information on domestic violence resources
  • Become part of the solution at work and in the community


  • Domestic violence
  • Effective intervention
  • Safety considerations
  • Resources and referrals

To request this program for your college, department, team, or group, please contact the Women's Resource Center at 814-238-7066 ext. 240.

Bullying in the Workplace

This 1 hour workshop addresses the nature of bullying and how best to respond to it.  


  • What is bullying?
  • Why must it be addressed?
  • How often does it occur?
  • What are the typical characteristics of bullies – warning signs?
  • What are the typical characteristics of victims – warning signs?
  • What can I do about bullying?
  • What should I as an employer do about bullying?

Safety and Security for Office Personnel (PRO 216)

This program offers useful safety guidelines for the workplace, reviews security features typical of campus buildings, and identifies different ways to contact the police. You will learn how to implement a code word, how to deal with irate customers in a safe manner, and how to respond if you encounter an individual with a weapon. This program will help you to recognize common office security problems. Use strategies to prevent potential theft or personal assault. Identify available resources.

Stay SAFE: Surviving an Active Shooter

None of us want to be confronted by a person with a gun on campus, but campus shootings do happen. What would you do if you heard shots coming from outside of your classroom or worse yet, what if someone with a gun came into your classroom or office and began to fire? Would you know what to do? How to act? How to deal with your fears so you could save your own life and the lives of those around you? In an emergency situation, it is best to stay calm and be prepared. Participants who attend this program will know now to answer these questions or where to find the necessary resources.

Violence in the Workplace (PRO 217)

This program helps managers and supervisors assess employee potentiality for acting violently in the workplace. The program features key indicators for assessing the potential for violence and a series of alternative responses to potential violent situations. The program will help you to:

  • Assess potential for individuals to act violently in the workplace
  • Reduce the possibility of a violent incident in the workplace
  • Draw upon available resources in the event of a violent incident


  • Characteristics that indicate potential for violence
  • Resources available to help prevent workplace violence. Response strategies for handling violent incidents
  • External threats
  • Cross-cultural considerations