Key Management

Key Drawer

Key Request Process

  • You must be an approved Access Coordinator to place a key request. Our College/Unit/Campus Master Access Coordinator will need to request this access for you by submitting a request to our office.

Lost Keys

All lost keys must be reported immediately by the key holder to their Access Coordinator. The Access Coordinator will, in turn, report the lost keys to the University Access Controller by completing the Report a Lost Key form: Report a Lost Key

  • Grand Master, Building Master, and Perimeter keys need to be reported to your Access Coordinator and the Access Controller (Physical Security Office) IMMEDIATELY.

Handling of Lost and Found Keys

Keys to University Buildings:
  • Report a found key using this form: Report a Found Key
  • Repositories must immediately forward such keys to the local access coordinator for the building in which the repository resides to try to determine the owner.
  • If no success in finding the owner within two (2) working days, the keys must be sent to the Physical Security Office at University Support Building I, Suite 104.
Housing & Food Keys:
Non-University Keys:
  • If not claimed within 48 hours, repositories must send the keys to University Police (Lost and Found).
  • If not claimed within 60 days, the University Police will forward the keys to the Physical Security Office.

Destroyed Keys

  • Send keys that need to be destroyed to the Physical Security Office at University Support Building I, Suite 104.
  • When sending keys via campus mail, please note the college/work unit, who they are from, and the list of keys enclosed.
  • If the keys are Grand Master, Building Master, etc., please drop off in-person at the Physical Security Office.