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To enhance all aspects of campus security in support of a pleasantly safe and secure campus environment consistent with Finance & Business' key initiative "Creating a Safer and More Secure University."


To provide professional security (and fire alarm protection) services to The Pennsylvania State University community consistent with the University's mission, culture, and resources in order to facilitate a safe and secure campus environment

Operational Functions Outline:

Maintenance responsibilities:

Head-End equipment - Centralized servers associated with card access, surveillance cameras, and security alarm panels are procured, maintained, managed, and operated by the Physical Security Office under UPPS. This included alarm receivers, access control servers, and surveillance recording servers (including the Victor platform used to manage access to cameras)

Field equipment – Access control panels, access control door components, alarm system panels and components, and surveillance cameras are all to be covered through the campus facility maintenance.

Funding for installations and additions:

Security installations/additions are typically funded via 3 means.

Capital Funding – Requests for funding for security cameras and card access are monies earmarked for facility “perimeter security” to bring existing facilities up to current policy standards. Physical Security must approve security design and meet Penn State Division 28 standards.

New Construction and Renovation – Projects are policy required to provide perimeter security as listed above. In addition, departments funding projects often request additional security beyond that which is required by policy for enhanced security. Physical Security must approve security design and meet Penn State Division 28 standards.

Customer-Funded (Unit, department, campus, etc.) – Colleges, departments, and campus units can request and fund security beyond that which the policy requires. This is funded by the requesting unit. To request a security project, use the form at this website - https://www.police.psu.edu/report-issue-or-make-request. Physical Security must approve security design and meet Penn State Division 28 standards.

Physical Security Related Policies: 

Summary of Physical Security Policies/Procedures

AD65 Electronic Security and Access Systems

AD68 University Access Policy

SY2001 University Access: Clearances, Keys and Access Devices; Authorization, Issuance, and Fees