Access Coordinators

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What is a Master/Access Coordinator?

  • Is a full-time staff member.
  • Ensures that clearances, keys, and access credential devices are issued to individuals only for the areas to which they are authorized to enter.
  • They are knowledgeable of pertinent University policies and procedures, as well as the programs and personnel at their campus, college, department, or area particularly as these details pertain to “access” to their area of jurisdiction.
  • Maintains systematic and effective control of all keys, access devices, and/or clearances for the rooms and/or buildings under the control and jurisdiction of that campus, college, department, or area.

What are Access Coordinator's Duties?

  • The Access Coordinator will ensure that clearances, keys, and/or ACDs are issued to individuals only for areas to which they have a justifiable need to access.
  • It is the responsibility of the Access Coordinator to promptly record all key/ACD activity (inventory being held, issuance dates, return dates, names, and pertinent information) into their perpetual inventory system (database, excel spreadsheet, manual system).
  • Approved requests which require the issuance of keys can often be filled from the Access Coordinator’s on-hand supply. However, if circumstances warrant that a new key is made/issued, keys will be requested with a FAAR form to your Master Access Coordinator for approval and submission in the OPP work requests system.
  • Approved requests which require the activation of an ACD (for access to specific areas) will occur via entry of the requestor’s information into the C*CURE System by the Access Coordinator.

How is an Access Coordinator Created?

Each Departmental or Budget Executive and Facility Coordinator shall appoint an Access Coordinator for the campus, college, department, or area via the completion of an Access Coordinator Authorization Form. Once the form is properly completed and forwarded to the University Access Controller for approval. The Access Coordinator may commence with their duties after being added to the appropriate systems (CCure, Suite Req).

What is the difference between a Master Access Coordinator and an Access Coordinator?

A Master Access Coordinator (MAC) oversees Access Coordinators within their college/unit/campus. The Master Access Coordinator would be the primary point person responsible for their work unit’s key ordering and access compliance.

At University Park Campus, the Facility Coordinator for each work unit is identified as the Master Access Coordinator unless they delegate the duties to one of their Unit's Local Access Coordinators. Likewise, at Commonwealth Campus locations, the Director of Business Services is the Master Access Coordinator unless otherwise delegated. 

Frequently Used Forms:

Access Coordinator Authorization Instructions
Access Coordinator Authorization Form
Access Coordinator Authorization Exhibit Instructions

Facility Access Authorization Request Instructions
Facility Access Authorization Request Form
Facility Access Authorization Exhibit Instructions

Key Issuance Log Instructions
Key Issuance Log Form
Key Issuance Log Exhibit Instructions