Access Management

Card Swipe

Common Definitions:

Access Credential Device (ACD)- Identifies the holder to an access control system and enables the system to determine the rights and privileges to enter a specific area. Devices may include a card, fob or tag.

CCURE System- the University’s primary electronic security system software that is used by Access Coordinators to grant access to individuals who request access to a particular area that the Access Coordinator oversees.

Clearance- Refers to a person's approved rights to access a facility.

University Access Controller – The University Access Manager within Physical Security is responsible for overseeing, advising, and enforcing the parameters of policy AD68 and SY2001


Report a Lost Access Card (non-Penn State ID)

Report a Lost Penn State ID (deactivate ID card) 

Report a Card Access Issue

Report an Inoperable Card Access or Alarm Point (exit only) Door

Report a Card Access Communication Fail

Request a New Ccure Card Access Clearance or Modify an Existing Clearance

Request to Delete a Card Access Clearance

Request a New Ccure Door Schedule or Modify an Existing Door Schedule

Request Ccure Operator Access

Request a Facility Security Project Quote

Request a Ccure Batch Upload (Add or Remove Access)