UPPS Policies

CALEA Accreditation and Policy Review

University Police at University Park was previously accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). In 2017, police stations at 22 Penn State campuses, including University Park, centralized into one police agency. Now, the newly centralized department is working toward accreditation with CALEA, which includes an outside review of all Penn State police policies. 

Public Policies

UPPS understands the importance of providing key information to the public as it relates to the role of law enforcement in the community. Therefore, through our Transparency and Accountability Initiative effort, the public now has access to key policies, which the public has expressed interest in reviewing. 

Here is a list of individual policies that may be of interest to the Penn State community: 

5.2 Use Of Force - General 

5.3 Reporting And Investigating Force 

5.9 Preventing Biased Police Practices 

5.11 Officer Discretion And Arrest Alternatives 

5.12 Arrests 

5.14 Electronic Control Weapons 

5.16 Impact Weapons 

5.28 Traffic Enforcement 

5.65 Duty to Intervene 

5.66 Procedural Justice

6.3 Investigatory Stops 

You can view all public policies here: University Police and Public Safety Policy Manual

To request alternative media, call 814-865-1864 and request to be connected to the UPPS Public Information Officer.