Advisory Board

UPPS is pleased to be working with an advisory board to continue to build its relationships and partnerships within the Penn State community. UPPS is present at 22 Penn State campuses across Pennsylvania, where our employees protect and serve the members of the community. It is vitally important for us to continue building credible relationships while also protecting and serving those communities.

The advisory board would allow members of the community to learn more about law enforcement and the services we provide daily. Board members also have the opportunity to review our policies and procedures and provide recommendations to our department. 

The advisory board assists with breaking down barriers between law enforcement and members of the community. Working together to identify outreach opportunities alongside our community partners allows UPPS to strengthen its connections and community members who rely on police support day-to-day and in critical situations.

The advisory board includes various levels of the law enforcement profession, both sworn and non-sworn, as well as students and employees from different professional, educational, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and various sexual orientations and genders. This diverse group of individuals comes together to develop recommendations to strengthen and support all.

UPPS Advisory Board Members

Assistant Vice President for Local Government and Community Relations 
Graduate Student 
T Consultant 2 - Penn State University Park 
Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging 
Assistant Vice President (Administrator) - Penn State University Park 
Chief of Police and Public Safety - Penn State University Park 
Executive Assistant - Penn State University Park 
Business Analyst 4 - Penn State Schuylkill 
Director of Risk Management and Chief Risk Officer - Penn State University Park 
Assistant Vice President for Housing & Food Services - Penn State University Park 
Administrative Support Coordinator 4 - Penn State University Park 
Staff Attorney 3 - Penn State University Park 
Associate Teaching Professor - Penn State Harrisburg 
Dean College Arts & Architecture - Penn State University Park 
Assistant Vice President of Operations - Office of Physical Plant - Penn State University Park 
Assistant Vice President (Administrator) - Penn State University Park 
Council of Commonwealth Student Government (CCSG) student representative 
University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) President 
Business Administrator 5 - Penn State Harrisburg 
Vice Provost for Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research - Penn State University Park 
Chancellor - Penn State Lehigh Valley