Emergency Telephones

Emergency: 9-1-1
University Park Police Station Primary Phone: 814-863-1111
Business/Records Department: 814-865-1864 or 814-865-1865

The Penn State Emergency Phone System is designed to aid in providing security to the University community. It does this by performing several functions:

  • Citizens can quickly report emergencies or criminal activity directly to police, even in relatively remote areas.
  • Individuals visiting the residence hall areas can phone to be escorted into the building without entering it. No money is necessary to use the phones.

The University Park Campus Night Map can be viewed online or picked up at the University Police station located in the Eisenhower Parking Deck.

Three Types of Emergency Phones are in use on Campus:


Emergency Phones

Easily recognized by their blue lights, emergency phones are located throughout campus. There is no dialing or number keypad.

To activate the phone:

  • Pick up the receiver.
  • Press the red button (some do not have red buttons and will activate immediately after picking up the receiver).
  • The call will be answered by University Police.

Emergency/Pole Phones

Pole phones are the newest style of emergency phones and can be easily located by the blue lights above them. These phones have no receiver, but instead contain a built-in speaker.

To activate the phone:

  • Push the red button to immediately call University Police or push the button marked "on" and you will hear a dial tone.
  • The phone will automatically disconnect after approximately three minutes.

Residence Hall Emergency/Courtesy Phones

These phones are identical in appearance to the "call boxes" described above, but do not have a blue light. These phones are located in the residence hall areas, usually near the entrances of a residence hall. These phones enable visitors to call a resident for an escort into the building when the residence hall is secured.